RTP model types

The RTP model aircraft can vary from simple to complex model types. Simple types include profile, foam and card models. More complex range from semi-profile to tissue covered framework scale model types.

Profile models can be built from flat sheet balsa wood. The sheet balsa wood parts are cut, lightly sanded and glued together fixing on a tether hook and undercarriage wire. Profile models are extremely strong, able to withstand the rigours of being crashed frequently by beginners. They are also very easy to glue back together with balsa cement.

Balsa can be replaced by card in models if folded to give hollow rigid shapes. These can sustain a fair amount of punishment whilst flying combat with inexperienced pilots.

The next step up is our Hawker Hurricane. Although it is built around a profile model, it comes with some moulded plastic sides for the fuselage to give it some detail and shape.

Tissue covered scale model plans for aircraft of about 16 inch wing span can be converted to RTP and we have two large multi-engine model plans available, the Lancaster and Hercules.