Initial flights

Before flying is started a tethered model should be walked around the circuit to check clearance. Some provision must be made to prevent spectators or pets inadvertently wandering into the flying circuit.

Normally full power will be required to get the model rolling for take off (hand controller button fully depressed or control knob fully clockwise). Power must however be reduced immediately the model is airborne. Any tendency for the model to be unbalanced at this stage, i.e. tracking either in or out too much on the ground run, must be corrected by bending the fuselage tether hook, either back – to correct running in toward the pole or forward to correct too much outward swing.

If on take off the model violently dips an outer or inner wing this can be corrected by bending the fuselage tether hook either down to drop the outer wing tip, or up to raise the outer wing tip.

Some degree of `up’ elevator may also be required for a smooth take off and flight pattern. This can be achieved by simply adjusting the elevators of the tailplane upward . With our foam wing models, you can bend the cardboard trim tab fitted on the tailplane. The degree of elevator adjustment will vary with flying conditions, line length and desired model performance, some experimentation will quickly reveal an optimum setting.

As soon as the model is airborne, power must be reduced (raising slightly the hand controller press button or turning the control knob back) to avoid too steep an initial climb. A steady flight circuit should be aimed for with the model at a constant altitude. Flying at a varying height can be attempted followed by controlled climbs and dives.

An uncontrolled flight pattern of a climb to one side of the circuit followed by a dive on the opposite side must be avoided at all costs as this will inevitably lead to a crash. With experience control can be achieved by reducing power as a model commences to climb and then increasing power as it commences to dive.

Where a variable power supply is used a low voltage setting should be used for initial flights and then this increased as piloting skill improves.