Impington MAC indoor flying events

I was lucky enough to attend Impington Model Aeroplane Club indoor flying event on Sunday 16th November 2014. I was made to feel very welcome at the RTP flying hall by the members of the club, spending a long time chatting with Will Beavor and Carl Beaumont.

Will had provided the flying equipment, with 4.5 metre flying lines using 4605 connectors at the model. Here are some of the models on show.

 The Avro Lancaster in flight.

More images and video from Impington Model Aeroplane Club indoor flying event on Sunday 1st November 2015.

The Short-Mayo composite project by Will Beavor with the Short S.21 Maia (G-ADHK) in flight.

Three model combat flying 

2016 Impington Model Aeroplane Club Autumn indoor flying event took place on Sunday 30th October.

Will Beavor demonstrating controlled aerobatics with his profile Barn Stormer.

David flying his excellent Bristol Bulldog model.

Carl Beaumont flying a really nice De Havilland DH-4

A Flying Wing flown by Carl Beaumont

The Impington Model Aeroplane Club indoor Spring flying event took place on Sunday 19th March. Martin brought along a few of his excellent models and his new Handley Page HP42, Hannibal.

 Martin test flying his HP42.

Martin flying his Hawker Heart.

The November we all meet up again flying many different models.