The RTP Hut specialises in electric round the pole model flying. We supply kits, plans, equipment and are passionate about the development of electric RTP model flying.

Electric RTP model flying provides a means of flying all types of model aircraft within the confines of a living room, garage, back garden, club hall or gymnasium. Whether your particular interest lies with simple fun flying or with building and flying scale models the system is completely versatile in that the basic pole, power unit and control equipment can be used to fly models varying from a simple 300mm `profile’ model to a 1000mm wingspan multi-engine and highly detailed scale model, and all this within a controlled area.

The system is quiet, clean, pollution free and suitable for modelling enthusiasts of any age. An ideal way of introducing children to flying, in a way that is both cheap and above all fun. Although it is recommended that any young person under the age of 14 years should have the supervision of an adult.

Models can be aerobatic and be flown through a wide range of manoeuvres, including loops, wing overs and stall climbs. As with most forms of aero modelling the main restriction in performance is determined only by individual modelling skill and piloting technique. Another exciting feature of the system is that models may be flown in pairs or more, each individually controlled. Competitive flying such as combat, racing or formation flying is easy to achieve. Simple to build profile models are ideal for this type of flying, being tough enough to withstand mid-air collisions and crashes! Even when damage occurs, repairs can quickly be carried out with this type of model by re-cementing the broken parts and be flying again in minutes.