Medium Mains Power Supply Unit



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Suitable for single or dual model flying on line lengths from about 3 metres to 6 metres, depending on motor type. It has a high or low power switch and can fly motors up to and including the 4554. Rated at 28 volts (no load) 72VA. Unit consists of a mains transformer, bridge rectifier and capacitor housed in a strong plastic case. High/low power switch may be operated during flight. Two pairs of D.C. outlet sockets are fitted.

Unit size 135W x 88H x 125D
Weight 2.5kg approx.

  Low Power High Power
Motor Type Single Dual Single Dual
4551 5m 4m X 6m+
4552 2m X 6m 3m*
4554 X X 4m 2m*
X = Not Suitable, * = Intermittent Use